I will serve

I recently talked to a young father who’s daughter is struggling. She is trapped inside her world of Autism. As I talked to him I heard the wave of relief wash over hkeep-calm-and-serve-others-5im. The, thank heavens I am not the only one going through this.  It reminded me that as a sister in Christ I have a responsibility to help those struggling. What I have been through has built my testimony and that I need to be open to share what I have learned. Whatever happened to the days when a young married couple in church would be adopted by an older married couple. They would be mentored, cared for and shepherded through their young lives by an older, wiser, more experienced couple. Whenever happened to the time when a young mother would have older women coming to her to help babysit, pray or offer relief during those first few trying months of a newborns life. I can’t change other people but I can decide how I am going to act. I am going to be that woman for someone else. I will bring over the casserole when you are sick. I will pray for you when you need comfort. I will pick up a quart  of milk at the store if you ask. I will serve. I will serve those young, old, wealthy, poor, healthy and sick. I will serve. Will you?