About our family

Hello world. My name is heavily caffeinated mommy. I am a single mom of autism boy, my trusted sidekick. Just like all superheroes we have superpowers. I, heavily caffeinated mommy can wake at the drop of a pin,  can function on only two hours sleep and order takeout like no other mommy. Then there is the most powerful of all, autism boy. With each passing day his powers grow and change. He morphs with the environment when he feels like. His senses rival that of spiderman. He can stay up for days without a care in the world and can disable your senses by engaging you in an endless conversation about anything star wars related. At 13 years old my sidekick can match wits with the best of them.

When I am not fighting off evil forces I enjoy cooking, sewing, crafting and many other mindless tasks. I consider myself a bit of a geek. I love movies about comic book superheroes. Having a boy really helps since I can say I watch them for him.

I am a woman of faith who needs an outlet on those sleepless autism nights. So hidden somewhere in America write this blog for your amusement.


2 thoughts on “About our family

  1. Hey heavily caffeinated mommy! Thanks for the follow etc. Seeing as you are into superheroes I thought you and your boy might like to have a look some of at my lovely friend Tim Sharp’s art. Tim is an autistic young man who created a superhero called laser beak man and just goes from strength to strength with his art – I just love his humor http://www.laserbeakman.com Tim & his mum Judy give me a lot of heart on a tough day. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your blog

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