Celebrating in Silence


Veteran’s Day is a very important day to me. I come from a family where all of the men served. My father, all my uncles, my grandfathers and their father’s before them all proudly served. It was what was expected. It was an honor and a privilege.  And now I proudly add my husband to our list of veteran’s.

To many this day is a time to stock up on linens at a department store sale, a day off work, one extra holiday before the winter holiday season kicks in. Not for me. It is a somber day. Autism Boy grew up admiring the fact that so many men in our family before him served. He would often say he wanted to join the Air Force and serve like Daddy when he grows up. That was the day my heart sank and Veteran’s Day took on a new meaning.

Veteran’s Day for me is still a reminder of all of those who serve, those who paid the ultimate price. But now it is also a reminder of all those innocent like my little man who long to serve but never will. One this day we will have the talk about the things he can and cannot do, but today I let him dream. Today he takes his takes his tanks and lines them up to play  war. Tomorrow we shed the tears for our dreams which can not come true.