640Heavily caffeinated mommy loves b rated movies. I love sitting with my Ben and Jerry’s and trashing a movie to shreds. This has been a solo activity for a long time, and I have dreamed about the day when I would have a companion to laugh along with me. Today is that day. As Autism Boy is growing up, he has asked to see new and goofier movies. Sharknado was one of these.

So on a hot summer evening we curled up in the couch and watched our first Sharknado. This was of course preceded by a long talk on what is real, what is fake, how CGI works, and the fact that no sharks or humans were harmed during the making of the film. Well this quickly started Autism Boy’s love affair with bad movies.

We have been blessed that Autism Boy’s friends also have a sick love of these horrible films. So a few weekends ago they hosted a Sharknado party. It was a dream come true for the kids. We all curled around the TV and laughed, yelled and cried at the TV as we rooted for the sharks. Sometimes we think our kids can’t handle these things. But given the chance they may really enjoy it. The talk Autism Boy and I had was long. It lasted several days but was worth all the effort. Hang in there. Maybe there is a B rated movie in your future.


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