It happened a few nights ago. At least that’s what I want to believe. All of a sudden my little guy had facial hair. A full mustache. Well the peach fuzz kind. Having started my life with my son alone, as a single Mom, this was one of the many things I feared. I have always feared those moments when a Dad would pull his little guy to side and guide him gently into manhood. I have feared the talks, the questions, and the sheer fact that there is so much I don’t know that I should be teaching him.

My first experience with this was with the cup. Not the sippy cup, the manly cup. The one that I had to go into the store to buy so he could play sports. The one that I had no idea what to do  with. But God blessed me with a trusting young man who without fear followed my lead and the directions I found on google.

Well, we are again about to cross another bridge. Autism Boy has facial hair. I am terrified. I have to teach this boy to shave. Exhausted Daddy has been trying to talk to him, but sometimes he just understands Mommy better. So together we are venturing into this uncharted territory. I have to ensure that he does this right. I have to ensure that it doesn’t end up like a scene from a horror movie.  So tonight, with my pint of Ben and Jerry’s I will sit down and explore the world of men’s grooming with google and my husband. My husband has tried to explain all these delicate matters to me, but the lotions, smells, and various torture devices scare me. I am so thankful that Exhausted Daddy is here by my side. But for all the guys out there who know a single Mom with a son……….have pity on her. She’s trying her hardest. She wants to raise a man. She wants to provide for him and doesn’t know it all. Be kind and pull her under your wing. She is probably too proud to ask or fears rejection when someone doesn’t have the time or energy to teach her what she needs to know to raise a young man. Please offer help. I’m sure they would both appreciate it.


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