Planes, planes and more planes

Follow the leader
The Air Force Thunderbirds (U.S. Air Force photo/Adam Bond)


Several months ago we had a major event in our life. Exhausted Daddy and Autism Papa were both proud members of the Air Force, so air shows are in our blood. However, they have never quite mixed with Autism Boy. Let’s look at the issue. Air shows are loud, full of strange people, crowded, full of strange smells and generally hot. Well, we have had a personal triumph. A close friend invited us all to a practice session for the air show at our local Air Force base. Honestly the thought had me freaking out, but I had faith. So on a hot Friday afternoon, with the wind blowing we all headed over to see the planes.

My friend, a Sargent with Air Force had arranged for us to see the practice without the crowds, noise and congestion which would happen then next day. Sitting on the empty spectator stands we got to watch the planes looping, diving, flying and swerving.  It was an amazing day. I was thoroughly impressed but my friend had another surprise in store for us. We met the Thunderbirds. Yes, the elite flying squadron of the Air Force.

Having never been to a real air show, I was so impressed, but even more so when I met these fine young men and women. Their professionalism and ability to interact with Autism Boy was amazing. I watched as a young crew member got down at his level and answered all of his questions. As he saw Autism Boy getting excited, his excitement grew and he took him on a tour around the plane. We have amazing pictures of the planes, crew and family all over Autism Boy’s room so he can share with everyone. Years ago this would not have been possible, but we never give up and constantly try to press our limits. Keep trying. You never know what you can do, unless you try.


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