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dream-beautiful-dreams-come-true-eiffel-tower-favim-com-761583After nearly a year away from the blog I am back. Sometimes we all need to take a step back and reexamine our lives and adjust to where we are. That is where I found myself a year ago. So….. where was I. I was an overworked, stressed, mama who wasn’t enjoying her life. I had lost my dream. I was just existing and not thriving.Something had to change.

So about a year ago I sat down wrote down what I wanted my life to look like. I realized with a blank sheet of paper that I can control what my life looks like. I decided I needed God to play a larger role. My spiritual life was lacking. So church now takes up a larger space in my life. We are praying more, doing bible study and living our life as He would want us to.

Secondly, family.  I took a long hard look at my family, immediate and extended. I realized that a lot of time has been wasted with people who don’t really care about me. If I quit calling, they didn’t pick up the phone. If there was an emergency, they weren’t there. I decided it was time to purge those who aren’t really part of my life and to quit making excuses for people. They are grown-ups. Let people reap what they sow. I didn’t have any big dramatic show-down with anyone. I simply let relationships that were holding me down go. It was liberating.

Lastly, I decided to dream again. As I sat with my blank piece of paper I wrote about all the things I wanted to do. Buying a home, reading a book, going on a trip. I wrote how I wanted each day to feel and what I needed to do, to make it happen.

As a side challenge I also did this with Autism Boy. He has grown and matured so much that I needed a better plan for him. I asked him to identify what he thinks are his biggest challenges and I also wrote what I felt were a few areas for growth. We compared lists and  wrote down a plan with him that directs his activities and growth areas towards his interests. Autism Boy is excited to be trying new things.

All too often from special needs parents I hear how hard life is, that it will never change and the misery that they are choosing to live in. Not me. Life is short
. I am choosing my destiny. I am choosing how each day will go. Choose how your day will go.


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