Comfort Zone


Over the weekend my OCD kicked in and Autism Boy and I took on the task of cleaning the play room. It resembled a scene out of the movie Twister. It was a project of epic proportions, but a necessary evil since we are going to have company coming to stay. Yes, Heavily Caffeinated Mommy has lost all her good sense and invited someone to come and stay at our home.

As most parents of kiddos with autism know structure and schedule is the key to happiness and I have thrown it out the window. I have a friend coming to stay for 7 days. 7 adventure packed days. Although Autism Boy is getting better with the going with the flow thing, I think this may push him over the edge. Which brings me to the point of this blog, schedules and structure. Although they are key to keeping us meltdown free if we never move outside our comfort zone we never grow and blossom into what could be.

A few years ago I took Autism Boy to a place he was terrified of, The Rain Forrest Cafe. That evil place has lights, sounds and lots of people. As we sat in the parking lot we talked about what was in the restaurant, what would happen and who would be there. We lasted 25 minutes that trip. And unlike most parents I made him go back. Now we can have an entire dinner there, and have at his request. Great things happen with time, multiple exposures to things and a willingness to experience things. I am so proud of Autism Boy.



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