The 80’s -Sharing my childhood with Autism Boy


The 80’s were a magical time in my life. It was my childhood. Children played outside. Streetlights called us home at night during the summer. We wore jelly shoes, charm bracelets, rode bikes up and down streets and were fearless.

Trying to explain to Autism Boy how life is different now is like trying to explain to someone in the 1800’s that we have cell phones. They would just look at you, like you are an insane person. It takes showing. I ran across a copy of my favorite movies, the Labyrinth. David Bowie in leather as the Goblin King. This movie was played in our house until the VCR cried out in pain from playing it so many times. It has been quoted like one would a great philosopher or theologian. It was the 80’s. And now it is a part of my son’s childhood.

On a cold night I gathered all the blankets, pulled out the mallowmars and shared my childhood with him. As a lover of Jim Henson my son was enthralled. The artistry was not lost on his young mind but his simply nature had him cracking up at the farting stones. If you haven’t shared your childhood with your kids, I highly recommend a trip down memory lane.


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