Autism Boy goes to Work

Our family lives in a relatively small town. But we are a college town and that is where I disappear to, each day from 9 to 5. Autism Boy thinks I am like Clark Kent, saving the world. Well, this week I got to bring Autism Boy to work to see what Heavily Caffeinated Mommy does all day or at least what I get paid to do.

Our day started with Autism Boy dressing for the day. Only a shirt and tie would be appropriate for such an occasion, so in my drowsy, listless state I began to iron. After great debate about which superhero to bring along for the car ride we decide that they all should come along. 45 minutes late we finally made it to work and Autism Boy began greeting everyone he met, and I do mean EVERYONE. It was like he was on parade. He shook the hand of the cop who walks the parking structure. He waved at the coffee girl, and swooned as he met my boss, Boss Lady. Boss Lady was equally impressed and none to eager to go back to working since Autism Boy was here. Autism Boy then joined me for a brief walk across campus to procure the necessary caffeine that Heavily Caffeinated Mommy uses to ensue that she stays somewhat normal. With his milk in hand we strolled back to my office where he helped me with stapling, collating and drawing of the artwork needed to cover my dull and decaying walls. Our lunch was a meal purchased at the commons of something that reminded me of mystery meat from elementary school. Autism Boy thought it was incredible. He ate mine too.

But that all leads me to the question I am now pondering as I am evaluating my life. Why do we do what we do? Are my priorities in order? Do I love what I do? Am I just getting by? Am I proud of what I do each day?

Changes may be in order.


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