“Me Time”

This morning as I stood in the shower, praying to complete my shower before someone would knock on the door and need my time or attention, I thought of my unfinished projects. The crocheted blanket that sits at the bottom of my closet needing more time to finish than I could imagine, the ever-growing pile of mending, the thousands of photos that I wanted to scrapbook and turn into something wonderful, and the zillions of pins I have on Pinterest that I keep swearing I am going to make. You see, I realized standing there that I don’t have any “Me” time. I can’t believe I typed those words. I hate those words and the negative connotation that they have in my mind. When I hear those words I picture how my friend would talk about sending her husband and kids off for the weekend so she could have her time. I think of the Mommies ignoring their crying kids in Starbucks so they could have their time talking with their friends. I think of child neglect. But does it have to be that way. Is there a healthy balance. Exhausted Daddy seems to be able to check out fairly regularly by going to his office and enjoying his hobbies on a nightly basis. He seems to have no qualms or pains of guilt as he retreats to have his alone time. Why is it that I do. Why is it that when I am given a massage gift card for Christmas (first time ever by the way) all I can think is who can I regift this to cause I can never get away to use it. Surely I can’t be alone in this thinking. How do I move past these thoughts. I know I am giving my family everything I have, but how can I have a little something also and not be seen as selfish?


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