Success-Failure-crop-Depositphotos_3425083_originalToday I celebrated as my son failed. Yes, I stood up and clapped. He was knocked down a peg or two. He was given the opportunity to learn. No, he does not know it all. He needs to practice to get better, and in a society where we are raising children that everyone gets a medal, I want him to fail. Failure leads to success and I want him to know hard work. I want him to know trial and error. I want him to have the desire to accomplish something. So today he failed. Tomorrow, he will get back up again and try again. He will not come to me crying because he knows he has to work for something. I will not stand in his way. He has to be responsible.

Too many times parents of special needs kids are a crutch. Yup, I said it. I will not coddle him or ask for everything to be easy. I will make him work for it and create a sense of pride for his hard work. What will you do.


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