Playing the Sandbox



Heavily Caffeinated Mommy is not what you would call joiner. I was a loner and good at it and then came along Autism Boy. Autism Boy has never met a stranger. Everyone is just someone he just hasn’t made a friend of yet. He is also a sharer. He really wants to share all of his knowledge with you quickly in the span of a minute. It is cute and endearing.

Thanks to social media I get plenty of social  time and I often get asked why I don’t participate more, have a blue light, or sell a ribbon for the cause. Here’s my thing…..Autism is not the only thing in our life and I will not let it rule and control our life. I try to create a healthy balance. In the beginning, just after the diagnosis I was insane and crazy, a mega joiner. But then I got real, and realized that I wanted a bit more balance. I needed other avenues to engage myself in. So when someone says, “Hey, you should meet this parent because they have a kid with autism”, I usually say no. Autism is not what I use to build relationships around. I have friends who have kids with autism but it is not the common binding factor. Nor do I want it to be. Usually our kids like hanging out together or as parents we both have something in common, cooking, movies, church, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I care about the cause. But, I have decided it is not going to rule my life. I choose different for me and my family. 


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