Guilty pleasures

We all have them. The guilty pleasures that we partake in and don’t want to have to admit.

Mine….. Twlight. I can’t believe I wrote that, but yes it’s true. Last night I climbed in bed, pulled up the fuzzy blanket and watched Twilight. I decided to make a marathon of it and for the next few nights, each night I will pop in one of the movies and allow myself to become mindless for a few hours. There will be no worrying about laundry, dishes, cooking dinner, bath times battles or the next days work. I look forward to my Ben & Jerry’s and the kids who can’t act. What’s your guilty pleasure?


One thought on “Guilty pleasures

  1. I also love Twilight. I own all the books, the movies, board games, guides, and a couple of posters. I don’t feel guilty, though. My Twilight obsession is no secret. I even hosted a marathon party. My girlfriends and I dressed as Twilight characters, watched all five movies, ate Twilight themed foods, and I decorated my house for the theme as well. It was a blast! I do have a guilty pleasure though: watching professional wrestling. I love it. It’s like a soap opera on testosterone!

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