The power of makeup



This morning as I stood in the bathroom getting ready for the day, I realized the true power that is found in MAKE UP. I had only slept for a few hours last night and realized that when I put on my makeup my attitude changed.

At one time in my life Saturdays and Sundays were makeup free days. I would don my most sexy sweats, mom tee and have my hair in a pony tail. It was a true sight to see. I think back to all of the trips I made to the store looking that stellar and am amazed that I did not end up on the people of Walmart. Then I read an incredible blog post that pretty much changed my life and marriage.

Exhausted Daddy is one incredible man. He loves me for who I am no matter what I wear, what food substance was thrown into my hair or if I wore makeup.

The blog that changed my life asked me to look at the way I presented myself to my husband. If we were dating would he have called for a second date. Was I being lazy with how I presented myself? Was I giving him less than my best. Yes, I was. I was lazy. I stopped trying for my husband. I didn’t spend even a moment giving my husband my best self each day. Sure, I made three hot meals each day, I showed him affection, provided him with a clean home, a kiss each day and an atta boy, but did I stop trying. I stopped looking nice. I stopped caring about the person that he had to step out of the house with. This is not a vanity thing, but it is a real issue. At some point in every Mom’s life they stop trying. Sweats become the norm instead of the darn it’s freezing and i need to warm up outfit. You can look nice. You can take an extra minute to put on lipstick.

Now every morning I wake up at least two hours before my men. I work out, shower, put on a great outfit (ok, a clean outfit that I would not be ashamed to be asked out on a date in by my hubby), put on some makeup and actually style my hair (still working on perfecting this). I want my husband to say, “Wow. She really tries for me.” Never stop trying and God willing neither will he.


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