The All and Powerful Nana


My Mom is an incredible woman. When Autism Boy was born she immediately took on the role of the All and Powerful Nana.

You see, I grew up without grandparents. No, they had not passed away. They were just not involved in my life. They didn’t have Sunday dinner, call me, come to my events, cheer me on. In fact we rarely saw them. It wasn’t that they didn’t love me, they just weren’t those type of grandparents. Well, my Mom decided, as soon as I announced that Autism Boy was going to come into our lives that she was going to be a Nana.

She takes this role very seriously. Her house is always stocked with bubbles, crayons, play doh, match box cars and Legos. She listens intently for hours as Autism Boy shares his loves with her and always hugs the best hugs. She is Nana.

Many people with autism have difficulty making emotional connections with other people. For Autism Boy Nana is his soul mate. She was always meant to connect with him and I love how much he cherishes her.

Many times a day he will ask ,”Does Nana have this object, if not can I buy it for her or make her one.” I am so grateful that he has her. Thank you All and Powerful Nana. You rock!


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