Our “Adventures in Babysitting”


When Autism Boy was born it was important to me that I know he was safe. I always felt that God has entrusted me to care for this incredible little superhero so how could I possibly trust anyone else to care for him besides family. This all went according to plan until this year. Moving far from family made for some very creative juggling of schedules to ensure that he always had care. This included meeting in a parking lot for a pass off and having Autism Boy sit in my office with me one lunch hour while Exhausted Daddy had a doctors appointment.

Then came the dreaded day where both Exhausted Daddy and I had to be somewhere together and needed someone to care for Autism Boy. It stressed me out. What was I to do. Who do I call. I have seen all of the babysitting movies. Was my child going to end up in the city, with some crazy babysitter suspended from a highrise building. After my panic attack and being brought back down to reality we found Super Sitter. Super Sitter is a young man in our church who volunteers for the special needs kids group.  He is kind, patient, and had never babysat. Yes, you heard me. He is a rookie. What would make me choose him, well, he and Autism Boy just get each other. Autism Boy follows him around like a lost puppy dog. Autism Boy listens to him and loves that he has a new friend to play with. Sure I could have hired some girl from church who has all credentials, but would she know how many clone troopers were made during the star wars film or how to reach the next level of Zelda. No. I needed a boy sitter. I needed someone who was not afraid of dirt, would not fuss if Autism Boy got a scratch, and would just let Autism Boy be happy.

Our first babysitting adventure was a success. Autism Boy was stuffed full of snacks and running around the house with a light saber when I came home. I pray if you have to have a sitter, that you be open to new opportunities and find your own Super Sitter.


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