Confession – I am not a groupie. No, not the people who follow around bands, scream and swoon at the very sight of their beloved crush, but a person who attends support groups for (insert said cause here) and find comfort in the sharing of their experiences. Most people are shocked that I don’t attend the local autism chapter meetings or support groups. My question to them is always, “Why?”

I am very comfortable with Autism Boy’s diagnosis. He is awesome. Yes, we have challenges, but the last thing I want to do is haul Autism Boy to a church or hospital for a group meeting which will be filled with people he could care less about, to have volunteers take care of my son for an hour so I can sit and listen to people who are unhappy, complain about why this has them. I did go for awhile. I tried. But these are not my people. I would rather spent my free time cuddling on the couch, playing lego star wars or inventing a new recipe.

Don’t get me wrong, these groups have purpose for those who need them. If you are groupie, I hope you find what you are looking for, but if someone is not let them be. Groups are not for everyone.


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