The Catalog


This is a post about days gone by. I grew up in an era without digital everything. A time when you could ride your bike down to a friend’s house, you played with Popsicle sticks, cardboard boxes and at Christmas you waited with baited breath to see the Sears catalog hit the house so you could write your all-important letter to Santa detailing the desires of your heart. In this digital age I am trying to take a step back in our house. I make homemade bread, I have no electronics days, I impose play hours where we go out and play in the yard and I even order from catalogs. Not online shopping, but the pretty paper magazines that come in the mail and dazzle with wonder to a child’s amazement.

One of my favorite boy catalogs is JM Creps. The fabulous catalog (and yes website) is full of all the toys little boys used to dream about. From little green army men to building blocks, this catalog has everything. The catalog recently hit our house and Autism Boy sat in amazement and wonder as he circled everything in the catalog. His eyes sparkled as he turned the pages. In that moment I knew, he has a good childhood. Looking for a gift idea for a little boy, check out this website order the catalog.


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