Magic Beans and Snake Oil

snake-oilOver the years, Exhausted Hubby and I have tried everything we can find to help Autism Boy. We have joined support groups, read whatever literature we could find and sought alternative therapies when conventional medicine had no reasonable answer.

In our home we tried, GFCF diet, Sugarfree diet, Feingold diet, vitamin supplements, organic eating, clean eating, coconut oil, music therapy, ABA, speech therapy, physical therapy, melatonin and a few others that escape my sleep deprived mind. In desperation we would have tried magic beans or snake oil if a parent said it did something that we were trying to achieve. Lack of sleep will do that to you. Then a few years ago, Exhausted Hubby and I decided to try something revolutionary, Nothing. Yes, you read that right. We did nothing. We quit the groups, therapies, and diets. We brought take out back into the house. We stopped the madness and we smiled. The stress over what would help and what wouldn’t was driving us insane. The criticism of other parents and why we had not tried a product, therapy or treatment was just too much. So we quit. We got off the Autism train and decided that we needed a break. We were so worried about whether or not the snake oil we bought was going to work and if there was a better magic bean out there that we had stopped living. We took a vacation and reaccessed what we wanted out of life.

It has been a few years for us since we jumped off the Autism train and it turns out, we like our food made from scratch. Not because it will make Autism Boy fly, sing or dance any better, but because it tastes really good.  Now instead of social group, play therapy or floor time we just go to the park and let him play with the kids there. It is hard and some days he just runs, but he’s happy. I will get a lot of flack for this and many will say but you have not tried (insert name of trendy new therapy, supplement or diet here) and I will delete those comments. If something works for you great. Many of these items described work for many, they were just not for us. I have made a life choice and for us, we choose not to have the magic beans. Autism Boy is happy and so are we.

I encourage all parents of supers to do what you think is right.


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