Glasses – Not Always What You See


I am firm believer in the power of positive thinking. I consider this a superpower.

Have you ever noticed that on a bad day, when you think of someone you love your spirits can be lifted. Well the same is true for your general outlook on life. Each day you wake up with a choice. You can choose to think negatively or positively. This thought process will drive how you interact with people and the presumptions you make about other people. Negative thinking, is generally selfish thinking. Things like “Why is this happening to me” or “Don’t they know who I am”. The reality is most things are not about us. They are about other people. When we turn our view outwards our vision becomes clear.

A friend of mine recently had an incredible positive Mom moment. She was having a rough day, the kind we all try and erase from our memory and she decided if she could accomplish a few things she would feel better. So she took the laundry put to the garage to switch over. It is what took place while she was outside that you need to know in detail.

In the brief amount of time she had been outside her children had found two boxes of baking soda on the kitchen table that she had not yet put away and apparently one had tipped over slipping on the floor. The first child thought the texture was cool so he poured a bit more to see if he could make shapes in it with his fingers. He marveled in the way it felt. In tottled child number two who joined in the fun. He also wanted to pour from a box, so brother gave him the second full box from the table. Thus ensued the great white out. Her hard wood floors were drenched in baking soda. She came back in to find her two children making snow angels in the kitchen. I fully expected to hear that she yelled, cried, sent them to their rooms. No, she watched their smiles, sat on the floor and drew letters for them to identify. I’m not sure I would have handled it as gracefully as she did. I would like to think that I have moved into that place in my life but I am not sure. My friend told me that this was not about what she had to clean up, this was about the children exploring. Her children did not think I hate Mom so I am going to make a mess, they saw something new and went with it.

I like to think that everyone is trying to live life to the best of their ability. If there is traffic, it is not to slow me down. In fact it has nothing to do with me. It’s about the poor people who had an accident. My thoughts and prayers need not be on how I am inconvenienced but do I have any skills that could help these people.

This is a short video that I found on YouTube (amazingly not about superheroes) but about this very topic. I really liked it and I hope you enjoy it.

After the video think: If you had a sign today that only someone with special glasses could see, what would your sign say?

As you go about your day today, look for other peoples signs and be there for them. Think positively. Put others first and you will be amazed at how you begin to feel.



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