Autism … The New Chihuahua

Heavily Caffeinated Mommy in case you can not tell, is not always current on pop culture. I don’t watch the celebrity shows, know who is dating who, heck I can’t even tell you the name of the actor in a movie. I am one who just likes to sit, watch and enjoy.  But the one thing I do know, the chihuahua phenomenon.


A few years ago Paris Hilton and all the other celebrities started carrying around little dogs in their purses. I thought it was the goofiest thing when I saw a photo of it. Who wants to carry a dog in your purse. I keep praying it would pee in their purse and teach them a lesson. Well, this phenomenon spread like the plague and started affecting communities around us. PTA moms, soccer moms, little teeny boppers, they were all walking around with things little yappy dogs in their purses that cost more than my first car. It was a craze, a fad, something they had to be a part of. They were everywhere and you could not escape it.

Well we have now entered into the new fad. I call it the Autism Fad.

The other day I am in Target (yes, the only place I ever seem to get to) and I overhear two women talk really  loudly (no I was not eavesdropping) about how they now know someone with Autism.

What is this now the trendy thing. I thought it was a fluke until my friend got a call from her sister in law inviting (insert name of Autism Boy’s Friend here) to a party. The reason… she wants to show her friends she supports the cause, Autism that is. What is she kidding. She hasn’t attended one of that kids birthday parties, she doesn’t know what grade he is in,  and has never babysat for him and she wants to support the cause. Apparently Autism is the new Chihuahua. Everyone wants to be cool and know someone who has it. They want to show a personal connection to the cause. They claim to want to do something to support it. They love displaying the fun and colorful puzzle piece on their car to show how awesome they are.

Fads always fade away. The Autism in my life never will, and I am not asking it to. In 5 years when everyone is out exploiting with the new fad…maybe wooden shoes (picture shoes from Holland) I will still be fighting for Autism Boy.

No, you can not borrow our kids so you look cool. Big whop for you that you put a puzzle piece on your car.

You really want to help, come give us an hour of respite.  Till then, move on to your next fad. Our kids are not chihuahuas.


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