Dick Clark has nothing on Autism Boy


Music Aficionado: a person who likes music, knows about music, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest of music (see: Autism Boy)

Music has always been a part of my son’s life. Usually kids will humor their parents and sit in the car nicely without much apparent interest of what song or music style hits the airwaves. Not Autism Boy. I can recall that from around the age of two he expressed an interest in music. He had an opinion and let you know it. His tastes developed quickly to reveal a complicated and eclectic style. One moment he would be jamming to Billy Joel or Elton John and then request to switch to the Beatles or Elvis. His playlist rivals that of one Dick Clark might have owned. He never ceases to amaze me with the facts that he knows about the bands or the lyrics that he knows. I usually just hum along but he can belt out multitudes of songs word for word.

With his blessed love for music we have discovered that Autism Boy shares my curse. He, like me has a profound lack of pitch and is tone deaf. It truly is a marvel how we can sing like no one is watching in a crowd of thousands. I guess joy just overtakes us. In the event that you pull up next to us in the summer as we drive around town with the windows rolled down, let me say in advance “I’m sorry.”


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