Slaying the Dragons


This morning I woke up a full 34 minutes before my alarm at 4:45am was set to go off. No, I did not go to bed early. Instead, I heard the death curdling scream of Autism Boy as he awoke from a nightmare. As I flew from my warm covers; down the frigid hall to his room I could hear his cry. The one that says only Mommy can make this better.
My Mom was and is an amazing Mom to me. When I was little and I can vividly remember the few times I had a nightmare. I called out in terror and she rushed to my side. She climbed into my little bed and held me. After I would describe the frightening dream, she would always tell me that we were going to own our dreams and tell those bad dreams to go away. And we did just that. Then as she tucked me back in she would always replace the bad dream with a happy one. She would ask me for a happy thought, usually us going to Disneyland and she would expand upon it a little bit and tell me to dream that sweet dream and tell her all about it in the morning. I am so happy that my Mom did this for me and this morning I did this same thing for my little man. As Autism Boy lay wrapped in his blankets, I cuddled him. We wished those bad dreams to go away and replaced them with a dream of Heavily Caffeinated Mommy and Autism Boy going to Legoland.
Most mornings when I can’t get my usual 6 hours of sleep I am a bit cranky but not today. I am so thankful with the blessings I have been provided and that I get to slay my son’s dragons. But could someone please hand me an extra cup of caffeine?


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