Alphabet Soup


Over the last 8 years, life has been like alphabet soup. With each doctors appointment there has been a new set of letters. From CBC’s to EKG’s, MRI’s, and CAT Scans we have seen it all. We even began to collect letters.

A recent comment to a post asked what were Autism Boy’s medical issues. Well here it goes. At one time or another Autism Boy has been diagnosed with Autism, PDD-Nos, Aspergers, Developmental Delay, Speech and Language Delay, a Pituitary Micro-Adenoma, Sensory Processing Disorder, Tic Disorder, Nut Allergy, and possible Seizures. The final dx always depends on which doctor we see. I have learned to laugh at the doctors. It seems many times like the diagnosis depends upon which letter he pulls out of his bowl of alphabet soup. Every time we go we seem to add a new letter or two to the soup that is Autism Boy. Just looking for that all elusive letter Z.


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