Three Day Weekends

Three day weekends. When you hear those words you get a little giddy with excitement and anticipation.

So what does Heavily Caffeinated Mommy do on our first three-day weekend of the year? I schedule an EEG for Autism Boy.  Yes, I am face-palming myself right now. Instead of going away, sleeping in (lol, yeah  thought that would make you laugh) or just kicking back in pj’s, I will be prepping Autism Boy for torture.

In case you have not had the pleasure of torturing your child and the rest of the family who have to live through this, let me give you the brief synopsis.  Monday night Autism Boy has to stay up till after midnight, which means so does Heavily Caffeinated Mommy. Autism Boy can then sleep no later than 6am which means, neither can Heavily Caffeinated Mommy. Then after a day of fighting and struggling to keep cranky Autism Boy awake we get to take a trip to the doctor.

Once we reach the doctors office they will place magical little electrodes on his head. I described this to him as having the Doc Ock stuff stuck to his head. He is surprising comfortable with that.

 Heavily Caffeinated Mommy will then spend time (what will fill like years due to my level of exhaustion) entertaining Autism Boy so he will stay still for the duration of the procedure. I am fully aware that I may have to sing, dance and do tricks to accomplish this feat. I pray that between the ipod, ipad, and legos stuffed in my purse that we will manage. This is how I spend a three day weekend. What was I thinking?


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