I am my son’s cheerleader

In a world where people tear each other down and criticize one another willing, I choose to be the salmon swimming upstream.  Each morning I wake up and decide I am going to make my own sunshine. I am not dependent on anyone else for the good feelings I choose to have. The Lord has given me this day and it will be what I make of it. I make the decision each day to ensure that the words and actions I do make a difference. I choose to be a cheerleader.
Too many people are willing to point out my son’s deficits. I admit we ll have deficits, but he working to improve them. When he was in public school, it was the constant calls of he can’t sit still, he touched something, and he isn’t good at handwriting. These people were not incorrect but when that is all you hear your spirit becomes sad. Your light gets dimmed and don’t shine as brightly.
I am blessed to be my son’s Mommy and my husband’s wife. These are roles I take very seriously. I am honored to be entrusted with their love and spirit. I let no one put a damper on what I do in my role. So last weekend I loaded Autism Boy up in the car and we drove to an empty parking lot to learn to ride our bike. We tried coasting, falling, and laughing and then the moment hit. The moment when I removed my hand from the backseat of the bike and he went a full four feet all on his own power before he put his feet down to stop. The scream of excitement that arose from me was as loud as the shouts of joy from the winning team at the Super Bowl. “That’s my kid! He did it!” I did my own personal touchdown dance and then grabbed my son for the world’s longest hug.
I am his cheerleader. I will be positive. I will point out all of his awesome traits, things that he has learned and progress he has made. The rest of the world will try and come down on him but with my super powers I will build up his confidence and remind him how remarkable he is. This world needs more cheerleaders for both children and spouses. Go be a cheerleader today. And remember pom poms are optional!


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