And the Blog Award goes to….?

It’s January and this is the time of year when people start talking about the Golden Globes, the Oscars and remarking about whether or not someone looked good in a particular gown.  Well this weekend as I sat watching one of the award shows my email pinged and I felt like I had just won the Academy Award. Two wonderful people nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is an award that highlights up and coming blogs! I am so excited that people are enjoying my blog and honored to nominated. Before I pull out my Sally Field impression I have to get down to business.


Here are the rules:

1) You must thank the person who gave you this award

2) You must display the Liebster heart on your blog

3) You should nominate 3 to 5 up-and-coming blogs (some rule variations say 11) with less than 200 subscribers

4) Each person must post 11 things about themselves

5) Answer the questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you

6) Create 11 questions for those you nominate to answer

7) Notify your nominees and provide a link back to your post

8) And no tag backs (the point is to try and highlight new bloggers so let’s spread the support )

I send out a huge thank you to  caffeineplease at Did I Earn A Smile?  and Amber at “Normal” Is the new Boring. Thank you both for making my day and nominating me.

My nominees are (in no particular order):

Homeschool Year – I love the creative ideas this Mom has to keep her child learning. Great blog for a new homeschooling parent!

What’s New in the Zoo – I love this blog. Ever seen snow angels in the house. She has.

Being Special – This blog is written by a special needs teacher who really knows what she is talking about.

Eleven Things About Myself:

1) I am a Christian. I am proud and greatful to be able to say that. That does not mean I am perfect. In fact, I am far from it. I am striving to do my best every day and help those I meet along my journey.

2) I have known my husband forever. Ok, since we were in high school but it feels like a wonderful forever.

3) I live in California and dream of living anywhere else. Well, almost anywhere.

4) I am addicted to caffeine. It is a problem. And I don’t intend to do anything about it. (Stolen from nominator, but still true)

5) I sing Christmas songs in the car whenever I get mad. Yes, even in July. It’s really hard to mad when singing “Joy to the World”.  Just don’t do it with the windows down, the looks you will get are priceless.

6) I love geeky shows. Star Wars, superhero movies, Firefly just to name a few. Having a boy was icing on the cake so I had an excuse to buy comics, play with legos and wear a superhero cape.

7) I am a huge crafter.  Pintrest is my new obsession. When I am not sleeping I am looking for something else to craft.

8) Disneyland, I love it. I still get butterflies in my stomach when we enter through the main gate. It is a magical place to me. I love it all.

9) I love chick flicks. Nothing like seeing movie love (a love story that will never happen in real life, but you can still dream) and getting swept away.

10) 80’s music. It is a thing of wonder. I wonder why more people aren’t into it.

11) High Heels. Yes I own them and they are in near mint condition. I choose to never wear them. I opt for cowboy boots or tennis shoes. Comfort is everything when chasing down your little man.

My Questions For Nominees:

1. What was your very first blog post about and what inspired it?

2. If you could meet anyone and have lunch with them, who would it be?

3. What is the most important thing that you do every day?

4. What is your favorite thing to cook?

5. What movie makes you cry?

6. If you could be a contestant on a game show, which one would it be?

7. Name one thing on your “bucket list”.

8. What is the best part of being you?

9. What is your biggest vice?

10. What’s your favorite new music find?

11. What’s your favorite food?

Answers to the Questions I was Asked (More than 11 since I was nominated by two people):

1) What was your very first blog post about and what inspired it?

My first blog post was called Super Powers. After several sleepless nights I kept thinking, I must have super powers to maintain this incredible strength to make it through the day and thus my blog was formed.

2) Do you believe in fate/destiny?

No. I believe that things happen for a reason.

3) What feeds your soul?

The bible. I find great comfort and peace in reading it.

4) If you could be anyone else in the world for just one day, who would it be?

President of the United States. I want to go in there and fix our budget. Balancing a budget on what we earn is hard. I am sure with a glass of sweet tea and few hours I could straighten up that mess. Simple trick, don’t spend more than you earn.

5) What is the most important thing that you do every day?

I say “I love you” to my family. What better thing can I do than to make someone else feel great!

6) What was your biggest dream that you fulfilled?

I became a Mom.

7) What was the biggest dream left unfulfilled?

I would like to travel to Italy. I know I will go someday.

8) Name one thing you would change about yourself if you could.

I would like to lose a few pounds and be a little healthier. I am working on this now. It’s a journey, just like my life.

9) What is the best part of being you?

I’m happy! Nuff said.

10) What is your biggest vice?

Southern sweet tea full of ice.  YUMMMM!

11) If there was just one social issue that you could fix-magically-what would it be and how would you fix it?

I think it would be unemployment. When you are working and have something you can take pride in doing each day your attitude changes.

12) What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be working for the USO. I love volunteering and servicing the men and women who keep us safe and their families is my dream.

13) What is your favorite thing to cook?

I am a bit like the old Paula Dean. Anything with butter. I am a comfort food cook. I make homemade bread, cakes, and desserts. I just love to cook.

14) What movie makes you cry?

Armageddon.  Bruce Willis saying goodbye gets me every time.

15) If you could pick anywhere to live for one year (can’t be your current location, has to be somewhere else), where would you go and why?

I would love to live in Georgia. I love the southern hospitality and incredible architecture.

16) Do you keep a journal? Did you ever?

I find it so hard to believe that I can blog because I can’t seem to keep up with a journal. The pen and paper haunt me.

17) Dogs or cats? Why?

Dogs, their unconditional love does it for me. Cats are too independent.

18) What’s your favorite new music find?

I love the song,  “I make my own sunshine” by Alyssa Bonagura. Such a cute song.

19) If you could be a contestant on a game show, which one would it be?

This is a toughie. What I lack in coordination, make up for in my spirit and willingness’ to try. I think I would do best on a mental style game show. Maybe “Who Wants to Be Millionaire”. I must confess I don’t really watch these types of shows very often.

20) Name one thing on your “bucket list”.

I want to see the grunion run. So I am hoping this year we can cross this off our list.

21) What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

I got very sick several years ago and learned how quickly and precious life it. I love family, my life and I don’t want to waste a minute of my life in bed when I could be out living it. So joyfully I get up every day to take on the day!

Thank you again for this incredible honor and congrats to my nominees. You are wonderful bloggers.


3 thoughts on “And the Blog Award goes to….?

  1. Thank you so much for nominating my Homeschool Year blog. I appreciate your comment and your amazing outlook and personality!

    OK. These are my answers to your great questions:

    1. What was your very first blog post about and what inspired it? I believe it was a post my sister Betty and I co-wrote about our aunt and paternal grandmother discussing their positive impact on our lives as women, matriarchs of the family and mother hen figures to us.

    2. If you could meet anyone and have lunch with them, who would it be? This changes with time. I admire people of authentic character and love to learn from their wisdom. At this phase in my life, I would love to meet and chat with my guardian angel. I’d love to hear about my life through their point of view.

    3. What is the most important thing that you do every day? Be present for those around me. Not just being there, but actually being present. In the now. Particularly for my son and his needs.

    4. What is your favorite thing to cook? Comfort food. And by that I mean food that brings me comfort in the moment. Could be seafood by the beach, stews or casseroles in the winter, fresh fruits and veggies from a garden, etc.

    5. What movie makes you cry? There have been a few, but one that sticks out in my mind is Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni. Powerful movie.

    6. If you could be a contestant on a game show, which one would it be? I’m not big on game shows but there was one a few years ago called You Are The Weakest Link, which I enjoyed watching a few times.

    7. Name one thing on your “bucket list”. Return to Hawaii.

    8. What is the best part of being you? My experiences. My spirit. That I was made with a specific purpose in life. That I am the only me there is.

    9. What is your biggest vice? Sweets. I allow myself a little treat every now and then…more now than then but you know what I mean. 😉

    10. What’s your favorite new music find? The most recent song I’ve connected with is THIS by Darius Rucker.

    11. What’s your favorite food? Depends on the mood. I enjoy cooking and tend to cook based on the seasons and what I’m craving at the moment…so just about anything really.

    I think that’s it. Now you know a little bit more about me 🙂

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