And on the seventh day he rested

I laughed in church the one day when the pastor said in his booming voice, “And on the seventh day he rested”. All I could think was man, he never met Autism Boy. Rest what is this rest and who do I have to pay to get it?

This particular sermon came during a very trying time in our life, when Autism Boy was testing our strength and the powers of caffeine. After nearly three days of only a few hours rest I realized that rest was an enemy of Autism Boy. That was when I discovered what many in the military already know, sometimes you just have to call in reinforcements. You have to recognize that you can’t win the war alone.  Superheroes and their families can not do it all alone. You must have a team and never be afraid to ask for help.

I will admit, I was very afraid to ask for help. I thought it meant I was a bad parent or that we were doing something wrong. That we had failed in some critical way. In my opinion, Exhausted Daddy and I waited too long to ask for help. Now help is our favorite word.  We frequently call in Super Nana and Papa to save our sanity and help us to restore our energy levels.  If your superhero is testing your strength, know that you are not alone and call for help.


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