Confusing for doctors

For most people when they go to see their family doctor, treatments are standard and routine. That is not the case when you are a superhero. Doctors come into the room, look,  stare, question, wonder and then call in other doctors. It can become a regular sideshow. Many doctors are not experienced in working with superheroes. They try to take a one size fits all approach and this just does not work for superheroes.

Several years ago we met Dr. Happy. Yes – That is what he likes to be called. Autism Boy fell in love with Dr. Happy and his incredibly happy demeanor. He recognizes our needs and makes our visits a little easier. Nurse Happy is also a huge part of this. Before every visit (and due to a few medical conditions, we have a lot of them) she brings Autism Boy and Heavily Caffeinated Mom back to a quiet prep room where she takes vitals. She always has a new question for Autism Boy and has marked on his chart all of his favorite things so that in case she is out on holiday another nurse can help to engage him.  With the lights turned down she takes vitals. Dr. Happy usually comes down the hall laughing and telling jokes. This is a happy place.

So why am I posting this. There are many parents of new young superheroes out there who have not yet met their own Dr. and Nurse Happy. It took us years.  Our super needs the lights down low, coloring book and when allowed the Ipad. We use amazing ear defenders (noise canceling headphones with a very high decibel rating) and sunglasses to conceal our secret identities. If you are just entering into the world of superheroes encourage you to go to the doctors prepared, stay enthusiastic and let them know what you need. Most doctors have no idea how to assist and look to you to be the expert.


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