Superhero Gadgets and Tools

Have you ever noticed that superheroes always have the coolest tools. Batman has the batarangs which he whips out at a moments notice from the batbelt to gracefully toss through the air and with pinpoint precision can take out the villain.  Green Lantern has the ring. Not only can the ring do a million things and is the source of his power but it is major bling in my book.  Ironman has the suit which enables him to fly, shoot and do a myriad of other things. Not to mention it just looks so darn cool.  Spiderman has the web shooter which allows him to leap through the sky soaring from one building to another.
As I sat up last night watching yet another superhero movie I pondered, what are my  superhero tools and gadgets. Then it occurred to me, the superbag (otherwise known as the diaperbag). Yes, a black nondescript bag which holds all the items to keep Autism Boy happy. It is large enough to carry water bottles, snacks, changes of clothing, purell, an ipod, headphones, his sunglasses, noise cancelling headphones, assorted lego minifigures, kandoo’s wipes, epipen, inhaler, band aids, wallet, phone, coloring book, crayons, keys, lipstick (not that I will use it), lotion, duck tape, and my all important caffeine. This is my secret weapon, my cool tool as it were. At a moments notice I can pull something out to solve any problem.  I have become a female MacGyver. We’ve sprung a hole in the boat, no worries, I’ll just turn to my trusted bag and pull out duck tape and fix the whole. If you have joined the ranks and are a new superheroes, embrace your new powers and develop your own cool tools.

I still hold out hopes that Exhausted Daddy will see that Heavily Caffeinated Mommy needs a new ring to fight the good fight like the Green Lantern only large and sparkly from Tiffany’s but I am not holding my breath.


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