It’s not easy being green or a superhero

Today was one of those days in a superhero’s life that we would all like to forget.  Superheroes have it really rough. They struggle daily to maintain their secret identity and family can be difficult to explain this to. Many times family members do not understand the superheroes and young supers get left out of many family activities. Mere mortals seek to be with those who  are like them and that is when the isolation hits.

Isolation is a large part of becoming a superhero. You can’t reveal your powers to just anyone. You must pick a choose a few trusted individuals to serve as your Lois Lane or Pepper Pots, individuals who do not judge you for the gifts you have been given and try to understand and support you. Many times people are uncomfortable with superheroes. They shy away and stop talking to you once you finally reveal the secret of your powers. Many times people and are confused and reject what they do not understand. To all those superheroes hiding in the shadows rejected by family and friends we understand. Superheroes united.


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