Defending the fortress

Several years ago we discovered one of Autism Boy’s scariest powers. Autism Boy has the power of invisibility. He also has lightning fast speed and at a moments notice can disappear from any situation. Alone these superpowers are awesome, but together combined with his desire to take long walks late at night have created a potential safety issue and that is the reason for this post.

Like all good superheros when you look to build your lair or hideout you get to set up cool alarms that activate and prevent the bad guys from detecting the you. Just like Batman and his Batcave, we have systems in place to protect our fortress.

When the mad tech skills were needed I turned to my resident techie, Exhausted Daddy.  Exhausted Daddy presented many options for protecting Autism Boy and defending the fortress.  The list seemed endless.  Here are a few we have used and a few we are considering. Night vision cameras, laser sensor alarms, door and window alarms with lights and sirens, thermal imaging camera, lojack for kids, lego scattered in front of the door (you know they will stop you in your tracks), a moat with piranhas, and knights in towers.

As superhero parents it is our job to insure Autism Boy’s safety. If your little superhero is having issues I urge you to stay vigilant. And continue to fight the good fight.


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