Church and Superheroes

Church and superheroes do not always mix well together. Our family has been to all types of churches, big ones, small ones, conservative, extremely liberal, and mega churches with stadium seating and ushers (I kid not). Church pews are hard, sermons are long, some churches separate families by age, others rock out to loud music and have rock band style lighting with smoke and other creative effects.

Like most superheroes when we attend church we would like to keep our secret identities well concealed. I would like to get in, feel refreshed and get out without having any issues. It is Sunday after all and I too would like a day off from saving the world.

After an exhausting search we finally found a church which allows all of us to attend and maintain our secret identities. Our church has a “special superheroes group”. This group welcomes Autism Boy and he gets to play with his friends for during the service. The leaders of the group respect all of the kids superpowers. Lights are low, sounds are soft and the kids are always paired 1 to 1 with a mentor. It is great.

Far too often superheroes are not welcome at church. It is not that churches hate superheroes, they simply have never seen someone with so many incredible powers. With individuals with superpowers on the rise I encourage you to contact your local church and see what you can do to start a superhero program at your church.


One thought on “Church and Superheroes

  1. I think that’s a great ministry opportunity! Ill bring it up to my pastor, since I know we have at least 3 superheros at our church.

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