What gave Autism Boy his superpowers

Like most parents of a superhero you begin to ponder at one time or another how did he develop all of these powers. Was the flapping of the hands just his primitive attempt to let me know that one day he would fly like superman?Was the walking on toes the first attempts to stretch like stretch Armstrong?What other superpowers would be unveiled? What was his kryptonite and when would the evil forces strike next?

On one of my many sleepless nights I found myself surfing the gutter of the Internet reading the many studies that are produced to tell parents why Autism Boy is a superhero. So far I have read that it is because I was overweight, underweight, too old, too young, ate the wrong foods, read the wrong things, and you can insert your own crazy idea here as I am sure it will one day be quoted in a study. Misguided family has also attempted in figuring out why Autism Boy has his superpowers. We have heard that it is because we don’t eat a certain food, attend a specific class or haven’t prayed hard enough.

For the record, I do not know why Autism Boy was born with superpowers. He is unique and I love him for who he is. I don’t believe I did or any other supermom did anything wrong. That goes for exhausted daddies also. We have been chosen to love, lead and ensure the safety of a young superheroes as they face new and uncertain battles in their everyday lives.


One thought on “What gave Autism Boy his superpowers

  1. I have a revolutionary thought… instead of maybe you did something wrong, maybe you did something right. You were hand chosen for Autism Boy, because no one could be a better SuperMom to him than you. 🙂

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