Hello world. My name heavily caffeinated mommy. I am the proud wife of exhausted daddy. We are the parents of autism boy! Our trusted sidekick. Just like all superheroes we all have superpowers. Heavily caffeinated mommy can wake at the drop of a pin, she can function on only two hours sleep and order takeout like no other mommy. Exhausted daddy can fight invisible evils with the mere threat of his voice, record tv shows like no other and always knows to have chocolate on hand. And then there is the most powerful of all, autism boy. With each passing day his powers grow and change. He morphs with the environment when he feels like. His senses rival that of spiderman. He can stay up for days without a care in the world and can disable your senses by engaging you in an endless conversation about anything star wars related. Join us as we fight the good fight to survive.


One thought on “Superpowers

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