The 24 hour Walmart, my kind of heaven

Exhausted daddy and I have found that Walmart is like kryptonite to Autism Boy. The bright lights, large crowd, and loud sounds can cause him to become immobilized. On several occasions the store has activated his super running skills and he has helped get heavily caffeinated mommy get in better shape by performing the 90 yard dash in 6.2 seconds. I won that race. For this reason Walmart is like hell and we very rarely take the sidekick to the store.

But to heavily caffeinated mommy Walmart is heaven. Since Autism Boy is up at odd hours it makes shopping difficult. Having a store open 24 hours that carries all the necessary superhero supplies (veggie tale movies, caffeine, band aids) is my idea of heaven. There is nothing better than getting 20 mommy minutes while walking around Walmart at 2am. Not only do I get time to clear my head, recharge my battery as it were but I get a floor show. I get to enjoy watching the people of Walmart. Tonight I saw a man walking around with a boa constrictor around his neck and a child body surfing on the freshly waxed floors. It does not get any better than that.


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